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FileBrowser: Documents Manager

This text describes the features and benefits of FileBrowser, a file management app for iOS devices. Users can connect their iPad or iPhone to their home computers, network drives, and cloud storage to easily upload, download, and copy files and folders. The app offers fast browsing capabilities and supports multiple tabs for simultaneously accessing different locations. It also allows users to connect to a wide range of external connections, including Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS drives, and various cloud storage services. FileBrowser seamlessly integrates with the iOS Files app and other apps that use it as their Document chooser, providing network access to those apps. Users can edit network documents in-place using compatible apps and stream movies and music using AirPlay and Chromecast support. The app also has built-in viewers for a variety of file types, including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, text files, and images. Additionally, FileBrowser offers features such as annotation tools for PDFs and images, password protection and encryption, and the ability to connect to a Mac or PC remotely. It is supported by comprehensive user manuals, how-to articles, videos, and fast customer support.

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