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Confluence Cloud

Confluence is a team workspace designed for remote Collaboration and knowledge sharing. With the Confluence Cloud app, users can easily capture ideas, create and edit pages, and collaborate with their team from anywhere.

The app offers various features to enhance communication and productivity, such as receiving notifications for page activity, searching the entire site for information, and browsing different spaces. Users can also stay connected to their team by catching up on their activities through the Activity Feed and reading and sharing pages directly from the app.

Keeping the conversation going is made simple with features like reacting to team work, using @ mentions to get attention, and sharing pages to build momentum across projects. The app also enables users to capture ideas on the go, jot down notes, add and edit tables, and create, edit, and share pages in real-time from their mobile devices.

For seamless workflow, users can find recent work quickly and easily to continue their tasks, open starred pages for important information, and integrate with other Atlassian tools like Jira and Slack. Additionally, users can provide feedback to the product team by shaking their device with the app open.

Please note that there are two different versions of the app: Confluence Cloud for cloud instances and Confluence Server for self-hosted instances. Users should confirm with their Confluence admin which version they are using to ensure compatibility.

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