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Miro: Online whiteboard

Miro is an online whiteboard platform designed for team Collaboration , allowing users to visualize concepts, ideas, and solutions together. It is suitable for remote, distributed, and hybrid work environments, enabling teams to sync and work side by side. The whiteboard app for iPad and iPhone provides tools to collaborate on boards, combining projects and context in one place.

Some key features of Miro's online whiteboard include running online meetings and team workshops, brainstorming ideas and designs, editing and annotating documents and PDFs, taking digital notes with an Apple Pencil, collecting resources and references, planning and managing agile workflows, creating user journeys and personas, teaching online classes, and creating vision boards.

The whiteboard app offers the flexibility to create anytime, anywhere, with over 200 pre-made templates, a user-friendly interface, and unlimited collaborators. With the mobile app, users can scan paper post-it notes, create, view, and edit boards, capture and organize ideas on the go, share boards publicly or invite team members to edit, upload various types of files, and review and resolve comments.

On tablets, Miro's whiteboard app allows users to draw concepts and sketch design ideas with an Apple Pencil, convert pencil or stylus drawings into shapes and diagrams, set up tablets as a second screen with Zoom or Microsoft Teams, create mind maps, use the Lasso tool to select and move sketches and text, and use the Highlighter to capture team attention during meetings.

Users are encouraged to leave reviews if they enjoy using Miro's online whiteboard and can get in touch with any issues or inquiries through the provided contact form.

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