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BlueJeans Video Conferencing

BlueJeans is a video conferencing platform designed for the mobile workforce. It offers features such as Dolby Voice® audio and HD video to enhance the meeting experience. Users can participate in meetings with up to 150 attendees and share and receive content for maximum productivity on-the-go. The app also has intuitive controls for easy meeting moderation and the ability to integrate with calendars for quick joins and seamless transitions between meetings. BlueJeans optimizes network settings to eliminate dead spots and offers a safe driving mode for distraction-free meetings while on the road.

In addition to these features, the BlueJeans mobile app provides additional functionality. Users can join BlueJeans Events as view-only participants and respond to Q&A and polling. The app can also be used as a conference room system controller for launching meetings on a SIP/H.323 endpoint. Proximity mode allows users to transfer their personal calendars from the mobile app to a Dolby Voice Room, transforming a conference room into their own meeting space.

For BlueJeans Telehealth customers, the app offers a patient landing experience to guide patients through the check-in process before their visit. Patients can also sync their Apple Health data directly into their televisit, allowing providers to view and interact with the shared data.

Please note that while an existing BlueJeans account is required to host meetings via the app, attendees do not need an account to attend a meeting.

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