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Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live

This text describes a weather app that provides real-time radar images, severe weather alerts, and accurate forecasts to help users stay safe. The app includes features such as radar overlays, precipitation forecasts, satellite maps, and customizable background maps. Users can receive push notifications for weather alerts, access National Weather Service alerts, and view detailed weather information. The app covers various countries including the US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, and more. Premium features are available through a subscription, offering additional benefits such as hurricane tracking, advanced precipitation forecasts, and animated wind maps. Subscription payments are charged through the App Store, and users can manage their subscriptions through their account settings or customer support. The app is developed by Clime Weather Service, LLC, which is a part of the Apalon family of brands. Privacy policy and terms of use can be found on the Clime Radar website.

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