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Gratitude - Journal Prompts

The Gratitude app is a thoughtfully designed tool for self-care that aims to prioritize your mental well-being.

Through its features such as the gratitude journal, Affirmations , vision board, and daily motivation content, Gratitude equips you with all the resources and reminders necessary to cultivate motivation and establish a healthy self-love routine in your life.

Having good mental health and a strong sense of self-love are crucial for a happy and fulfilling life.

Additionally, the app guarantees privacy, ensuring that your personal journal entries, affirmations, and vision board remain solely for your eyes.

The Gratitude app offers the following tools:


By keeping a gratitude journal, you can enhance your awareness of the small blessings in life and shift your perspective towards focusing on the positives. The app sends timely reminders to help you develop the journaling habit, and you can customize entries with photos and voice recordings. It also provides hundreds of journal prompts for inspiration.


Positive daily affirmations enable us to redirect our self-talk towards self-kindness and love. The app includes an extensive collection of affirmations for listening or reading, and allows you to create your own personalized affirmations with music and voice recordings.


The app guides you in creating vision boards, which are a popular manifestation tool that visually organizes your dreams and goals through images, quotes, and affirmations. You can incorporate various sections, goal ideas, and even compile a video of your goals with music. Multiple vision boards can be made as well.


To provide motivation and inspiration for your self-improvement journey, the app offers a Daily Zen feature. Here, you'll find gratitude quotes, motivational quotes, thought-switching suggestions, thank you cards, affirmations, blog articles, and real-life stories of individuals who have transformed their mindset through gratitude.


Mindful minutes refer to the time you spend within the Gratitude app. This data can be viewed in the "All Health Data" section of Apple's Health app. It's important to note that the app does not access or modify any health data without your consent. The mindful minutes feature can be enabled through the profile and settings within the Gratitude app.

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