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Translate is a user-friendly app that allows you to translate voice recordings and text between different languages. It aims to provide the best translating experience, enabling you to easily understand phrases, conversations, and even the text in your surroundings. The app combines high-quality translations with a simple design, ensuring a quick and effortless Translation process.

Here are the features of Translate:

- Text translation: The app offers a fast and intuitive text translation feature. It supports all languages, including their respective keyboards, eliminating the need for manual switching or downloading.

- Voice translation: Translate your spoken words from one language to another. The app detects the language you're speaking and provides translated text and audio in the selected language.

- Conversations: In the Conversation tab, simply tap the microphone button to speak, and the app will detect the language you're using and transcribe it in chat bubbles on the correct side of the conversation.

- Translate camera: Use your phone's camera to translate text in real-time. You can pause the camera view to zoom in for a closer look or translate text in photos from your Photos library.

- Dictionary: Tap on any word in a completed translation to see its definition in the built-in dictionary.

- On-device mode: Enable this mode to have a fully offline experience in Translate, including downloaded languages. This ensures privacy without requiring you to disconnect from the internet.

- Auto Translate: Translate speech without manually tapping the microphone button during a conversation. The app automatically detects when you start and stop speaking, allowing the other person to respond seamlessly.

- Face to face view: When chatting face to face, you can change the conversation view so that each person sees the conversation from their own side.

- Favorites: Save frequently used phrases to your Favorites for easy access later.

Translate currently supports translation between the following languages:

- Arabic

- Chinese (Mandarin - China Mainland)

- Chinese (Mandarin - Taiwan)

- Dutch

- English (US)

- English (UK)

- French (France)

- German (Germany)

- Indonesian

- Italian (Italy)

- Japanese

- Korean

- Polish

- Portuguese (Brazil)

- Russian

- Spanish (Spain)

- Thai

- Turkish

- Ukrainian

- Vietnamese

Please note that the availability of languages may vary depending on the operating system version.

Where to download "Translate"?

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