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Speak & Translate - Translator

Speak & Translate is an essential voice and text translator that enables effective communication in over 100 languages worldwide. With this app, language barriers become a thing of the past. Whether you're traveling abroad or in a remote area without data or WiFi, Speak & Translate's offline mode allows you to text and speak with ease. Additionally, with the Snap Mode feature, translating menus and texts using your phone's Camera is quick and effortless.

The app offers various free features, such as instant text translation to 117 languages and voice translation to 54 languages. Users can customize the voice settings, choose between male or female voices, and adjust their speed. Language Detection is another convenient function that automatically identifies and translates the source language. The app also integrates with iCloud, syncing translation history across all Apple devices, and allows users to change the app's color theme to fit their personal style.

For those who want an enhanced experience, the premium features include Snap Mode for instant translation of text or objects, Offline Mode to save on roaming costs, and unlimited translations for both text and voice. The premium version also offers an ad-free experience.

Supported languages and dialects for translation span a wide range, including Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and many more.

Speak & Translate offers subscription options for flexible usage, including a 1-month or 1-year subscription. Automatic renewal occurs for paid subscriptions, but users can easily cancel or modify their subscription settings through their iTunes account.

To use the app, an internet connection is required, and language packs must be downloaded for offline mode functionality. For more information on the app's terms of service and privacy policy, please refer to the provided links.

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