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Voice Translator: AI Translate

Voice Translator is an innovative tool powered by the ChatGPT API that offers seamless voice Translation for easy communication worldwide. With this AI translator, users can instantly hear translated phrases, making conversations effortless. It also provides instant camera translation, allowing users to read menu items or translate text from pictures. Whether at the airport, hotel, gas station, or supermarket, Voice Translator enables users to communicate freely in any location. It is also a valuable learning tool for both kids and adults, helping users learn new phrases and improve pronunciation. By eliminating the need to search for phrases in a dictionary, this voice translator simplifies the translation process. Key features include real-time conversation translation, instant text translation using the camera, the ability to choose different tones for translated texts, translation from photos and pics, text translation as you type in messaging apps, an extended offline phrasebook, and language detection. It supports over 100 languages in speech-to-speech and text-to-text modes, offers both typing and speaking translation inputs, and provides a smart text-to-text mode with typing hints. Users can copy, paste, and share translations with ease, control the speed and voice gender, and explore fun modes like Human-to-Pet and Pet-to-Human translation. Additionally, the AI translator supports an extensive range of languages for voice-to-voice translation. Users can choose a free trial to access all the features, and unlimited access is available through subscription plans. The service is subject to a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. (*ChatGPT is not available in China.)

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