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Layout from Instagram

This text is about a photo editing app called Layout that allows users to create unique layouts by remixing their own photos. Users can choose photos from their Camera roll or take spontaneous shots using the built-in Photo Booth. The app provides various options for editing such as mirroring, flipping, replacing, swapping, zooming, and resizing images. Users can use these features to tell stories, showcase outfits, or change the look of their photos to convey a specific mood or theme.

The app allows users to remix up to 9 photos at a time, offers a Faces tab for quickly finding photos with people, and allows users to save and seamlessly share their layouts to Instagram or other networks. It also provides easy access to the last 30 selected photos in the Recents tab. Users can further enhance their layouts by applying Instagram filters and creative tools. The app can be downloaded and used immediately without the need for signup or an account.

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