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Bubble Mania™

Blast into summer with Bubble Mania, a puzzle-popping adventure game that features cute kitties, huge worlds, and wicked baddies. In this game, players must defeat the Evil Bubble Wizard and rescue baby critters by throwing bubbles and matching colors to pop and drop their way to victory. With over 700 levels of challenging puzzles, Bubble Mania offers a fun and addictive way to have a blast with bubbles. Players will travel across stunning worlds, such as sparkly swamps, amazing airships, and chocolate-covered islands, to unlock new areas filled with more challenges. They can also score big bonuses by beating their friends' scores and use various power-ups, such as Rainbow Bubbles and Bomb Bubbles, to master tricky obstacles. The game features exciting animations, playful music, and free updates with new puzzles and powers. With two control methods and top-notch performance on iOS devices, Bubble Mania provides an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. Download Bubble Mania today and prove yourself the ultimate bubble shooter! Just note that an active internet connection is required to download additional levels, and in-app purchases are available but can be disabled in your device's settings.

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