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WeightWatchers Program

WeightWatchers is a program that focuses on long-term, sustainable weight loss and the development of healthy habits. It has been recognized as the #1 Best Diet for Weight Loss by U.S. News and World Report for 13 consecutive years. The program aims to help individuals make lasting changes to their habits, improve their overall health, achieve their goals, and maintain their progress.

WeightWatchers offers a balanced approach that allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without completely giving them up. Losing weight not only helps in achieving your desired weight but also improves your overall health by enhancing sleep quality, lowering blood pressure, and reducing the risk of diabetes and cancer. Additionally, WeightWatchers provides the support and accountability of both an online and in-person community, allowing you to connect with others who are on the same journey.

The program is designed to be flexible, teaching you how to make healthier food choices and encouraging you to explore new, nutritious options. WeightWatchers believes in simplifying the understanding of complex nutrition, empowering you to make healthy choices wherever you are.

To make your weight loss journey easier, WeightWatchers offers an award-winning weight-loss app. This app provides access to smart, digital tools that assist in eating healthier, tracking progress, receiving support, and reaching health and weight goals.

WeightWatchers' program is built on the principles of nutrition and behavior change. The experts have created a program that takes into account the nutritional data of foods, such as calories, added sugars, fiber, and protein, to assign a Points® value. This makes it easier to make informed food choices. The program offers a personalized nutrition plan, including a Points Budget that can be used daily, without excluding any specific types of food.

In addition to a comprehensive nutrition plan, WeightWatchers provides a strong support system. This includes access to a private members-only social network, 24/7 live coach chat, and 5-Minute Coaching audios to ensure continuous guidance and assistance.

The WeightWatchers app also assists in making healthier choices beyond just food. It provides guidance on ordering at restaurants and managing stress, among other things, to help you make choices that align with your goals.

The app features various user-friendly tools, such as a barcode scanner for packaged foods, a recipe database, a restaurant database, trackers for food, fitness/activity, water, weight, and sleep, progress reports, and access to over 13,000 recipes. Furthermore, the app offers blood sugar tracking for individuals following the WeightWatchers Diabetes-Tailored Plan.

To start your weight loss journey with WeightWatchers, you can download the app and take advantage of a free trial. After the trial period, the plan will automatically renew monthly unless you cancel before the trial ends.

If you opt for auto-renewing membership plans, your iTunes account will be charged prior to the end of each period, and the payment will continue to renew unless you turn off auto-renewal in your Apple ID account settings. This membership plan grants you access to digital tools. Alternatively, non-renewing membership plans charge your iTunes account once at the time of purchase, providing you with a WeightWatchers Core membership for one year.

WeightWatchers values your privacy and offers a privacy policy that can be viewed at Additionally, you can refer to the terms of service at

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