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Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is a group workout program that is scientifically supported and technology-tracked. It is designed to achieve results both internally and externally, leading to a longer and more vibrant life. The program is inspired by coaches and the next generation mobile app eliminates any guesswork from your workouts, allowing you to easily track your progress and experience life-changing outcomes.

The app integrates various features seamlessly, including the ability to search and book Orangetheory classes at multiple studios simultaneously. You can also conveniently view and manage your favorite studios in one place. Real-time tracking of workout stats is available, as well as the option to manage out-of-studio workouts. The app can sync your classes with your preferred calendar app and is compatible with Apple Health , allowing you to sync your out-of-studio workouts.

The app offers the following functions in more detail:


- Book and cancel classes

- Purchase class packs

- Join a waitlist and receive notifications when a spot becomes available in a class


- Find Orangetheory studios near you and save your preferred locations

- Access schedules for all Orangetheory studios

- View promotions from your local studio


- Keep track of all your favorite workout stats from the studio

- Connect your Apple Watch to the heart rate monitoring system, OTbeat Link, and monitor your workout results in real time.

By achieving more results, Orangetheory Fitness aims to provide you with an enhanced quality of life. Download the Orangetheory Fitness app today!

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