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Workout Planner & Gym Tracker

This text is an abstract for a gym workout app that aims to optimize workout results and help users build muscle and lose weight. The app offers a custom workout routine based on the user's fitness goal and body type. It provides guided gym workout plans and serves as a personal trainer in the user's pocket. The app also features automatic weight optimization and allows users to track their workouts and exercises. It offers a variety of gym workouts and exercises for different muscle groups, with a focus on particular muscle groups if desired. The app includes workout plans for various fitness goals, and the workout coach builds personalized gym workouts for the users. Users can modify pre-made workouts or add their own workouts and exercises to the app. The app includes rich photos and high-resolution videos of each training exercise, along with easy-to-understand instructions. Users can search for exercises by muscle group, equipment type, or keyword, and save their favorite fitness exercises. The app is integrated with Apple Health to personalize workouts based on the user's age, weight, and gender data. The app also introduces the trainers behind the workouts, including expert personal trainers and fitness coaches. Subscription options are available for accessing all premium workouts. The app's privacy policy and terms of use can be found on the provided links.

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