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23andMe - DNA Testing

This text introduces 23andMe, a genetic testing service that allows individuals to explore their DNA. By utilizing the Ancestry + Traits Service, users can discover their DNA's connection to over 2000 geographic regions worldwide, as well as gain insights into their Health and traits. This service includes various reports on traits such as musical pitch ability and cilantro taste aversion. Additionally, the DNA Relative Finder enables users to connect with other customers who share their DNA and ancestors, while the automatically built Family Tree visualizes the relationships between individuals.

For a more comprehensive analysis, the Health + Ancestry Service offers everything included in the Ancestry + Traits Service and provides over 65 additional genetic reports on factors like genetic weight and muscle composition. To utilize either of these services, individuals must purchase a kit and submit a saliva sample. The progress of the sample can be tracked through the user's account, and once the results are ready, they can be viewed through the 23andMe app.

The app also provides the option to answer survey questions and participate in research conducted by 23andMe. Users can link their account with Apple HealthKit™ to contribute to activity tracking enhanced research initiatives. The service maintains rigorous standards, utilizing a team of scientists and medical experts to develop accurate and valid reports. Ancestry percentages are estimated with precision down to 0.1% through a well-tested system.

The Health + Ancestry Service is currently available in select countries including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, and Sweden. The text also includes links to the terms of service for each respective country.

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