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Sydney Health

The Sydney™ Health app provides convenient access to various health services and features. Users can find care, share their digital ID card, and check their claims using the app. It also allows users to understand their benefits, improve their health, and save money. With integration with HealthKit, users can choose to share their fitness data such as steps, calories, sleep, and weight management. The app offers a digital ID card that can be easily shared with the care team. Users can utilize the 24/7 chat feature to find information or chat with a Member Services representative for more in-depth answers. The app also provides plan details, including costs, deductible, copay, and coverage information. Users can search for care providers within their plan's network and view estimated costs before receiving care. Tracking claims, receiving virtual care, and setting up automatic prescription refills are also available features. Sydney Health is offered in partnership with Carelon Digital Platforms and its availability may vary based on the member's plan.

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