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This text is promoting the new mobile version of the personal Health record system, powered by FollowMyHealth®. The mobile version allows users to easily access and navigate their health information. Users can view their current health summary, reminders, and recent account activity from the home screen. They can also access their medical profile and authorized family members' profiles. The mobile version offers various features such as secure communication with care teams, appointment scheduling, viewing test and lab results, prescription refill requests, managing preferred pharmacies, connecting with healthcare organizations, paying bills, and managing demographics, contact information, and insurance policies. The availability of some features may depend on the user's connected organizations.

The mobile version also takes advantage of modern iOS features. Users can create a Mobile Passcode or use Touch ID for quick and easy sign-in. Push notifications can be received directly on the iOS device, and app badges notify users of new information within their FollowMyHealth® account. The mobile version is also compatible with Apple Watch, allowing users to access push notifications and Action Center items. It is also accessible for visually impaired users with Apple VoiceOver. Additionally, Apple Health integration allows for the automatic import of health data from devices such as blood pressure monitors, pedometers, scales, and glucose meters into the FollowMyHealth® account.

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