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The text introduces PRAY, an app designed to help Christians strengthen their faith and improve their sleep through daily prayers, prayer plans, bedtime Bible stories, and more. The app offers prayer plans to establish a foundation for a prayer habit and strengthen one's faith. Bedtime Bible stories aim to calm the mind and ease the spirit for a better and deeper sleep. Christian meditation provides a balance between meditation and prayer, enriching the meditation practice and fostering Christian mindfulness. Audio Bible stories help build a connection to Jesus and increase biblical knowledge. The app also features various prayer topics, such as love, kindness, anxiety, and forgiveness. It caters to both individuals and church leaders, offering resources to cultivate a culture of prayer, teach the Bible, and develop prayer habits. Additionally, the app is integrated with the Health app, allowing users to track their mindful minutes. In conclusion, PRAY aims to enhance sleep, establish prayer habits, enrich meditation practices, strengthen faith, and promote love and peace.

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