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Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles

Woodoku is a calm and challenging puzzle game that combines wood block puzzles with a sudoku grid. Players must place blocks on a 9x9 board and fill rows, columns, or squares to clear them from the game. The goal is to play for as long as possible without running out of space and beat one's high score.

To play, players drag shapes onto the board to place them in the grid. They must fill a row, column, or square to clear blocks from the board. Clearing multiple rows, regions, or squares earns Combo points, while clearing blocks on every turn earns Streak points. The objective is to earn as many points as possible to beat the high score.

Woodoku offers a calm and zen Gaming experience with beautiful graphics and satisfying sound effects. The game features a realistic wood tile design, creating a tactile experience. Gameplay is relaxing, with no pressure or time limit. Additionally, Woodoku is a light game that won't take up much space on the device. It can also be played offline, allowing players to enjoy the classic game anywhere.

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