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Ovia: Fertility, Cycle, Health

Ovia offers cycle and fertility tracking as part of their services. The app can predict your period, identify your fertile window, and help you pinpoint ovulation. Ovia's algorithm is based on cutting-edge fertility research and can even accurately predict ovulation for those with irregular periods. The app is free to download and join their community of over 15 million users.

With Ovia, you can view predictions for your fertile window and ovulation time, as well as receive a daily fertility score. This helps you know when you're ovulating and the best days to have intercourse or introduce sperm. You can track various data such as basal body temperature, cervical fluid and position, medications, and more in the app calendar. Ovia also provides menstrual data feedback and real-time Health alerts based on your symptoms. Additionally, you can access over 2,000 clinically-backed articles on fertility, ovulation, conception, and reproductive health. The app also offers an anonymous community for asking and answering questions.

The app supports both regular and irregular menstrual cycles. The more data you enter, the more accurately Ovia's Fertility Tracker can predict your period and ovulation. You can customize the data logging to track what's most relevant to you, including symptoms, moods, sex, and nutrition. Ovia Fertility Tracker is not just a period tracker, but also helps you keep track of your overall health.

Some other features that Ovia members love include health summaries and statistics, which provide information about your menstrual cycle and ovulation times, as well as trends in your fertility. You can also share your cycle data with your partner by exporting it as a spreadsheet and protect your account with a PIN number. Integration with Apple Health and Fitbit allows you to share your tracked cycle data and other health information.

Ovia has received positive feedback from users who appreciate the comprehensive features and support it provides. Users have mentioned that it is like having a best friend in your pocket and that it has helped them track their fertility even with irregular cycles. There have also been stories of successful pregnancies after using Ovia to track data for a long time.

Ovia Health is a digital health company that uses mobile technology to support women and families in their health journeys. They offer an expanded set of tools and features for those who enter their employer and health plan information. These additional features may include health coaching, personalized content about benefits, and specific health programs.

For further information or to stay in touch with Ovia Health, you can visit their blog and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have any ideas or suggestions for Ovia, you can email their customer support at [email protected].

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