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5K Runner: couch potato to 5K

The 5K Runner® Couch potato to 5K app is a highly recommended and effective way to get in shape and lose weight in just 8 weeks. With over 4.2 million successful users, this app has been featured on various media outlets and has won multiple awards. The program consists of 8 weeks of training, with workouts scheduled for 3 times a week and lasting 30 minutes each. The app features alternating walk and run intervals that gradually increase over the 8-week period. Users can listen to their own music while the app's human coach voice guides them through the workout. The app is compatible with GPS and other health and fitness apps, and has a large community of users on Facebook. Additionally, it is integrated with Apple Health for calorie calculation and workout tracking. The app has received praise from users and experts alike, and has been recommended by doctors on The free version of the app includes the first four runs, while a subscription is available for access to additional content and workouts. The app's privacy policy and terms of use can be found on the developer's website, and customer support is available via email.

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