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PURE: Anonymous Dating App

PURE is a Dating app specifically designed for curious creatives looking to express their playful side. It provides a safe and supportive space where users can openly communicate their desires, intentions, and boundaries.

The app allows individuals to connect with like-minded individuals and create thrilling experiences together. It encourages users to let their passions run free and be adventurous.

One of the main features of PURE is the Personal Ads section. Users must post their own ad in order to see others in their feed. These ads should be creative and original, highlighting the type of experience they are seeking.

In terms of location, PURE is not limited to a specific city. Users can explore and meet people from the global PURE community in cities all around the world.

For those who prefer more intimate conversations, PURE offers video chats. These chats are a great way to get to know someone better and verify their authenticity. Chat messages are set to self-destruct within 24 hours after a match, but users can request to have the chat timer turned off for longer conversations.

Privacy is a top priority for PURE. Photos self-destruct after being viewed, and users receive notifications if someone takes a screenshot. Additionally, chat messages, including photos and audio, cannot be saved to the phone's gallery.

PURE is dedicated to maintaining a safe and scam-free environment. They constantly improve their algorithms to detect and eliminate scam and spam accounts. Automatic alerts are sent for trigger words commonly used by scammers.

To ensure safety, it is recommended to continue using PURE for anonymous chatting and avoid switching to other messaging platforms.

Access to PURE requires a subscription, which can be purchased on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. The prices may vary depending on the country and are subject to change. Subscriptions renew automatically, but can be canceled at any time through the Apple Store settings.

All personal data is handled according to PURE's privacy policy, and users can review the terms and conditions for more information.

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