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Aura: Meditation & Sleep, CBT

Find peace every day with Aura, the Best of Apple award-winning app for mental wellness. Aura is a personalized, all-in-one app that offers thousands of mindfulness meditations, stories, Sleep tales, life coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), hypnosis, music, and more. Unlike other self-care apps, Aura tailors its content to your unique needs and interests, providing a magical experience just for you. With billions of data points and advanced personalization algorithms, Aura recommends personalized tracks and allows you to create a personal playlist. You can access the world's largest premium wellness library, featuring top coaches, therapists, and storytellers from around the world. Aura also offers meditations and sleep aids to help with insomnia, as well as stress and anxiety relief. With a passionate community of 5 million users and a daily habit that starts at just 3 minutes a day, Aura is committed to improving your mental wellbeing. Start your free trial today and unlock unlimited access to premium wellness tracks.

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