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Transit • Subway & Bus Times

Transit is a real-time urban Travel companion app that provides users with accurate next departure times, tracks buses and trains on a map, and shows upcoming transit schedules. The app features a trip planner that allows users to compare different transportation options, such as bus and bike or metro and subway. It also alerts users about service disruptions and delays on their favorite transit lines and allows them to save frequently used locations for easy trip directions. The app has received positive reviews from reputable sources such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Public transit riders have also praised the app, with one user mentioning that it was the deciding factor in selling their car. The app offers several great features, including the use of real-time data from various transit agency sources, offline access to bus schedules and subway maps, powerful trip planning capabilities, a step-by-step navigator, user reports on crowding levels and on-time performance, and easy payments for transit fares and bikeshare passes. The app is available in over 300 cities and supports over 1000 public transit agencies. For assistance or feedback, users can visit the help pages, email the support team, or find the app on social media platforms.

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