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Zoomerang - Ai Video Maker

Zoomerang is a template-based Video creator and editor app that allows users to easily create and share original and trending videos on short-form video platforms. With step-by-step tutorials and a collection of viral-style video templates, users can quickly create trendy videos. The app also features the Gen AI Studio, which includes tools for animating videos, revamping aesthetics, creating polished portrait photos, and turning textual prompts into visuals. The video editor tool allows users to edit videos with features like text animations, split screens, and the ability to add stickers and background music. Other tools include face beautification, color change effects, and the ability to create video collages. The app offers a wide range of effects and filters to bring creativity to videos, and videos can be easily saved and shared on popular social media platforms. Zoomerang also offers a premium subscription with additional features.

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