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Carnival HUB

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The Carnival HUB app enhances the cruise experience by offering various features and services. Prior to the trip, users can utilize the app to share their cruise countdown with friends and family, as well as book excursions, spa treatments, and drink packages. Additionally, guests can conveniently check-in and obtain their boarding documents through the app. While on board, passengers can connect to Carnival's Wi-Fi to access real-time information about onboard activities, weather, dining menus, and more. The app allows users to chat with fellow passengers for a nominal fee and provides a comprehensive daily schedule of events. It also offers restaurant menus, searchable deck plans, itinerary details, and information on guests' shipboard account balance. Users can view and purchase shore excursions, order food and beverages for delivery at an additional cost, and check into a virtual queue to save time. The Carnival HUB app is available for download and guarantees an enhanced vacation experience.

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