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Adult Coloring Book - Pigment

Coloring is a popular activity for relaxation and reducing stress. In fact, just 10 minutes of coloring can be as beneficial as meditation. It promotes mindfulness, enhances concentration, and fosters creativity. Pigment, an award-winning coloring app, offers a sanctuary for relaxation and creative expression, providing daily inspiration and a vibrant community of artists.

The app offers thousands of coloring pages and unique tools and brushes for a realistic coloring experience. With over 30 different pencils, markers, and brushes, users can draw, paint, and color as they would on paper. Pigment offers various modes to cater to different skill levels, from Tap-To-Fill for beginners to Advanced modes for a more nuanced experience.

In addition to a vast collection of illustrations and grayscale images, users can import their own images or start with a blank page to use Pigment as a sketchbook. Sharing creations with friends and family is made easy through social media, email, and even printing for framing.

Pigment boasts the largest artwork collection available, with over 10,000 professionally illustrated pages. Users can enjoy stunning hand-drawn coloring pages from independent artists and access to exclusive Marvel content. The app also offers a range of award-winning tools, including the simulation of pencil, marker, and paintbrush strokes. With more than 30 coloring tools and an unlimited number of colors, users can create beautiful and unique works of art. Professional color palettes are available, or users can create and save their own.

The Pigment Gallery provides a supportive community where users can share their work, find inspiration, and make real friendships. The gallery also offers tutorials and tips to help improve skills and learn from fellow artists. The app is fully compatible with iOS devices, supporting finger, Apple Pencil, and third-party stylus inputs. Users can adjust pressure, direction, and size of stroke using Apple Pencil.

Pigment Premium offers a subscription option with three pricing tiers: $4.99 USD per week, $9.99 USD per month, or $59.99 USD per year (equivalent to $4.99/month). Users can enjoy a free trial of Premium Access for 7 days, after which the subscription will be automatically renewed. Different pricing may apply in other countries. Users can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal in their Account Settings.

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