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Houzz - Home Design & Remodel

Houzz is a popular app for home improvement and design, offering a wide range of features to help users improve and decorate their homes. With over 25 million high-resolution photos, users can browse and find inspiration for their interior and exterior designs. The app also allows users to save and share photos, annotate and draw on them with the Sketch feature.

In addition to design ideas, Houzz provides a platform for users to find, view, and purchase products and materials for their homes. With over 5 million products available, users can shop for items such as vanities, cabinets, lighting, furniture, and more. The app also includes visual recognition technology, allowing users to discover and buy products directly from photos.

For those looking to hire professionals for their home improvement projects, Houzz connects users with over 3 million home improvement professionals, including architects, contractors, and interior decorators. Users can collaborate with these professionals and find the best fit for their project needs.

Houzz also offers a range of content for users to explore, including articles from their editorial staff and design experts. From home tours to remodeling guides, industry news, and organizing tips, users can find informative and engaging articles. The app also features original videos on Houzz TV, showcasing inspiring homes and providing how-to guides.

Users can also seek advice and feedback from the Houzz community through the app's Advice section. Discussions on home design and renovation topics allow users to get valuable input on their projects and ideas.

Houzz has received recognition from various media outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN. The app is available for iOS devices running iOS 13.0 and above.

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