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Unique Daily Affirmations

Unique Daily Affirmations is a free tool that aims to support your personal success and bring positive changes to your life. By providing uplifting statements and quotes, this app helps you believe in yourself through daily affirmations. To effectively use the app, simply hold down the large gray button to reveal your affirmation and repeat it out loud. For even better results, say the affirmation in front of a mirror to stimulate sight and sound, which has been scientifically proven to enhance retention of information. Visualize your own success as these positive declarations become ingrained in your subconscious mind throughout the day.

If you have any suggestions or encounter any problems, please provide us with feedback through the app. However, based on the numerous positive reviews we have received, we are confident that you won't encounter any issues. Here are just a few examples of the rave reviews we've received:

"Missing one important thing - I think this app is neat but I believe the real power of daily affirmations is when you repeat the same affirmations day after day. A new one every day kind of loses its power because you should be repeating the ones that are important to you so that they eventually become ingrained and change your way of thinking. So, a favorites list would be the perfect solution! If a daily affirmation pops up that you really want to stay with you, add to your favorites and go to your favorites list and read through them everyday. ..." - Tag477543

Excellent affirmations

This app provides excellent affirmations to start your day. Every day a new affirmation is generated in which you can use and apply it to your life. I have been using it for a couple of months and it definitely helps start my day to a positive start. I highly recommend it!!



I love this affirmations app, it's really practical, it's not just a bunch of quotes like some affirmations apps I've seen. :) well done!


Highly recommend this app. - I love this app. The affirmation statements are great and not convoluted. I love the hold button and the slow revealing of the affirmation. Gives you that moment to slow your mind and focus on the moment and truly take in the affirmation.

- Hkygal

Here are some instructions for using the app:

- Press and hold the large gray button to reveal today's affirmation.

- Tap the bottom left icon to access options such as sharing, saving, or skipping the affirmation. You can choose to SHARE, SAVE, or VIEW the affirmation.

- In the list of Favorite affirmations, swipe left to delete an affirmation. Tapping on a specific affirmation allows you to view it.

- To add your own affirmations, tap on the bottom left icon and then select "Add Your Own". The affirmations you add will appear in your favorites list.

- You can record yourself saying an affirmation by tapping the top right REC icon and then pressing the red button to start recording. You can save one recording per affirmation.

- To customize the app further, tap on the bottom right icon and select "My Backgrounds" to add your own backgrounds. These backgrounds will appear in your daily affirmations unless you set one as your current background.

The "All Access" subscription provides additional benefits such as ad removal, email notifications of your favorite affirmations, unlimited phone alerts, unlimited recordings, and unlimited backgrounds. You can also set the daily affirmation as a phone alert and customize backgrounds and fonts for each favorite affirmation. The subscription automatically renews monthly and can be managed through your iTunes Account settings.

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