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This text discusses the benefits of a membership with Entertainment Coupon. The membership offers exclusive savings through immediate Coupons on various categories including dining, shopping, services, online offers, travel, and adventure. The Entertainment Coupon Membership is shown to save on average $250 per year or more for active users. The Entertainment App is highlighted as a convenient tool for on-site redemptions of these coupons, providing access to possibilities, opportunities, and savings with just a few clicks. The text also includes features of the Entertainment Coupon Mobile Plus, such as its extensive discount network, coverage in 10,000 cities across the U.S. and Canada, member-exclusive deals, and the addition of 600 new offers monthly. The improved design and functionality of the app, including faster download times, intuitive mapping, and an in-app notification inbox, are mentioned. The text also emphasizes that the membership pays for itself quickly and highlights the significant amount of money saved by members to date, over $22 billion.

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