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The X app serves as a trusted global digital town square, catering to a wide range of users. It offers numerous features and capabilities, such as the ability to post content for public viewing and engage in conversations, stay updated on breaking news and follow personal interests, and gain valuable insights through Community Notes. Users can also utilize Spaces to go live with audio or stream live video, while Direct Messages allow for private communication. X Premium subscription offers expanded reach, a blue checkmark, and various other benefits.

Furthermore, users can monetize their presence on X by creating exclusive content for paid subscribers and sharing in the ad revenue generated from replies to their posts. Participating in Communities centered around various topics and interests, such as sports, music, and technology, is also possible. The platform supports video uploads of up to three hours, and users can write and read long-form posts such as essays and blogs. Lastly, X enables direct communication with customers, facilitating business growth.

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