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This abstract describes the myChevrolet mobile app, which is a tool that helps simplify and control your vehicle's functionality. It allows users to access remote commands, such as locking and unlocking doors or warming up the car, directly from the home screen. The app also provides information about the vehicle's status, including fuel level, oil life, and tire pressure, and allows users to schedule service with a participating dealer. Roadside assistance can be requested through the app or by contacting an OnStar Advisor. Users can also access tutorials and their owner's manual to learn more about their vehicle's features. Additionally, the app offers the ability to send destinations to the vehicle's built-in navigation system and provides insights into driving skills through OnStar Smart Driver. Availability and functionality of the app may vary by country and device. Certain features may require a paid plan or a GM factory-installed and enabled remote start system. Restrictions and limitations may apply.

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