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Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Fuel

Trucker Path is a popular app in North America designed specifically for truckers. It provides a range of useful tools all in one free app. The app is highly regarded by truckers and has been featured as the best trucking app. Over 1,000,000 truck drivers use Trucker Path, utilizing its mapping tool to locate truck stops, weigh stations, and the cheapest fuel while on the road. The app also offers truck-specific GPS navigation directions. With such a large community of users, it's easy to see why Trucker Path is the go-to app for truck drivers.

Trucker Path includes information on over 500,000 truck stops in the US and Canada. This includes popular chain truck stops such as Petro, Pilot, Flying J, Loves, TA, Travel Plazas, AM Best, and more. Additionally, there are numerous independent truck stops with reviews from fellow truckers. Amenities like showers, parking, food, and entertainment are also easily found through the app. Rest areas and shut off areas are also included in the app's database.

One of the standout features of Trucker Path is its truck-specific GPS navigation. The app provides routes tailored to the dimensions and weight of your truck, ensuring you avoid sharp turns, low overpasses, bridges, and small roads. Turn-by-turn navigation and night mode navigation are also available.

Another valuable feature is the fuel discounts. Trucker Path offers a trusted payment system, allowing you to buy fuel with your credit or debit card and save money. The app also helps you plan and purchase discounted fuel along your trip. These fuel discounts are available to all app users with no credit checks or participation fees.

Parking availability is a constant concern for truck drivers, and Trucker Path helps alleviate this issue. The app provides real-time truck parking availability information, along with parking status history and parking status predictions. It even includes Walmart locations with overnight truck parking.

For truckers who frequently encounter weigh stations, Trucker Path offers helpful features. The app allows you to see which weigh stations are open or closed and provides weigh station status history. CAT Scales can also be easily located through the app.

Trucker Path also assists in finding fuel stops with truck clearance. The app identifies fuel stations that provide diesel and DEF and allows you to compare fuel prices. All featured fuel stations have sufficient clearance for trucks.

Finally, Trucker Path includes a trip planner. The app's GPS map helps you plan your trips, and it can even find low clearance bridges for you. Recommendations for Hours of Service (HOS) rests are also given, and fuel-optimized trip plans can be unlocked.

For additional information, users can refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on the Trucker Path website. If there are any questions or feedback, support can be contacted via email.

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