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Fizz - The Student Card


This text promotes Fizz, a platform designed to help college students build credit and avoid debt. Fizz does not check credit scores and allows users to keep their own bank accounts. By bundling daily purchases into a single daily payment, Fizz prevents users from overspending. At the end of each month, Fizz reports the user's data to credit bureaus to help build their credit profile. The platform also offers rewards from over 1,000 partner merchants, with no hidden fees or penalties. The Fizz app provides a full dashboard to view transactions, payment history, and credit score progress. Interested users can download the app and refer friends to earn additional rewards. Proper banking services are provided by Patriot Bank, and the Fizz Debit Card is issued by Patriot Bank under Mastercard's license. Loan services are offered by Lead Bank. This abstract does not include any testimonials or comments.

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