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GroupMe is a free and simple messaging app that allows you to stay connected with the important people in your life. Whether it's your family, roommates, friends, coworkers, or any other group, GroupMe provides an easy way to chat and stay in touch.

You can add anyone to a group using their phone number or email address. Even if they don't have the app, they can still chat with you via SMS. You have full control over notifications, allowing you to mute specific chats or the entire app. You can also leave or end group chats as needed.

Expressing yourself is made fun and easy with an extensive collection of exclusive emojis. You can also share meme images, search for and send GIFs and videos, and view content shared from URLs directly in the chat. The gallery feature saves your memories, allowing you to easily explore photos and videos shared in your group at any time.

GroupMe also offers direct messaging, allowing you to have one-on-one conversations using all the features you love from group chat. You can even use GroupMe on your computer by visiting

No matter where you are, GroupMe keeps you connected. Whether you're separated by a hallway or a hemisphere, you can easily stay in touch with your group. GroupMe values your feedback and provides support through various channels, including their website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Please note that SMS chat is currently only available in the US, and standard text messaging rates may apply. GroupMe is committed to your privacy and provides a detailed Privacy Policy. The app is made with love in Seattle.

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