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Evolve: Deals & Cash Back App

Evolve is a mobile app that allows users to earn cash back from their everyday spending with their debit cards. By securely connecting their debit cards to the app, users can customize their cash back rates to match their lifestyle. For example, they can set a 1% cash back rate for food and drinks and another 1% for groceries.

When users make transactions with their connected cards that fit their chosen categories, Evolve automatically pays them cash back at the rates they have set. There is no need for users to take any additional action.

There are several reasons why users will love Evolve for earning cash back. Firstly, it is automatic, allowing users to start earning cash back immediately after securely linking their debit card. Secondly, Evolve supports cash back on debit cards, unlike most financial institutions that only offer cash back on credit cards. Thirdly, Evolve provides cash back, not reward points, and users can easily see how much cash back they have earned for each transaction. Additionally, users can customize their cash back to fit their preferences, whether they love eating out or driving. Lastly, users can invite their friends and earn more cash back together.

Features of the app include customizable cash back rates and categories, personalized offers, automatic cash back collection, and the ability to refer friends and family to earn more cash back.

Evolve aims to help users earn money by doing the things they already do. Users are encouraged to download the app and provide feedback to help improve the app and reach more people.

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