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Sould: Cash Back & Deals

Sould is a platform that facilitates saving and supporting Black-owned businesses throughout the year. By downloading their free app, users gain access to a combination of coupon codes, rewards, and cash back at participating stores. With every purchase of Black-owned clothing, health and beauty supplies, and everyday essentials, users earn cash back and amplify their savings. The process is simple: sign up, find money-saving offers, shop, and receive cash back. Once users have earned at least $25, they can cash out via PayPal or redeem a gift card. Sould also allows users to donate their Cashback to Black charities or foundations. The platform not only benefits individuals but also provides an increase in traffic for Black-owned businesses, ensuring that their products or services reach an audience that finds them useful. Sould's goal is to encourage people to buy Black all year round in order to support and uplift the Black community. Inspired by the Tulsa riots, Sould aims to create a community that supports Black-owned businesses and the Black community as a whole. Their mission is to promote awareness, growth, cultural appreciation, and support for Black businesses through their digital platform, providing recognition and revenue to deserving brands. For more information, visit

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