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SIFT - Cashback and Savings

Sift's self-driving Smart Wallet is designed to improve your shopping experience by automating various tasks. It tracks your spending, finds the best credit card rewards, and informs you about unusually high spending or unused subscriptions. Moreover, Sift helps you save money by alerting you when prices drop and by unlocking hidden benefits from retailers and credit cards. By analyzing your spending habits, Sift identifies buried rewards and guides you on how to take advantage of them, potentially saving billions for consumers each year. Additionally, Sift offers a cash back app extension that allows users to earn between 3% to 10% cash back from shopping at over 15,000 retailers. On average, Sift users save more than $200 annually. The app is available for free with optional in-app purchases for subscriptions. For more details about the app, its features, and terms of use, please refer to the official Sift website.

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