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Night Sky

Night Sky is a powerful augmented reality (AR) personal planetarium that allows users to quickly identify stars, planets, constellations, and satellites by simply holding their iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to the night sky. The app uses AR technology to direct users to the desired celestial objects and provides the ability to explore them in detail.

The feature set of Night Sky includes Sky Tags, which allow users to personalize their experience by adding tags to objects in the sky for future reference or sharing with others. The app also features Connected Stargazing, which enables users to stargaze together remotely using SharePlay in iOS 15.1.

The Spatial Audio Object Navigation feature uses AirPods Pro or AirPods Max to provide sound cues that help users navigate to specific objects in the sky. Additionally, Night Sky offers an AR Sky Window that allows users to erase the ceiling or other flat surfaces in a room to reveal the sky behind it.

With over 1.7 billion stars streamed from the cloud, Night Sky provides a vast amount of celestial data, allowing users to delve deeper into space than ever before. The app also includes a Night Sky Widget, a Watch Face, and a Maps UI for easy navigation.

AR Planetary Portals and an interactive Grand Orrery provide immersive experiences where users can explore other planets and the solar system. Night Sky is also compatible with Apple Watch, offering Glass Constellations, Red Vision, and Night Sky Live Tours on the wrist.

Other features of Night Sky include AR Object Exploration, customizable notifications, mindfulness stargazing experiences, and many more. Night Sky+ is available for a subscription fee, offering additional features and content. The subscription can be managed through iTunes. Privacy policy and terms and conditions are provided on the app's official website.

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