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My GPS Coordinates °

This text discusses a GPS position sharing app that allows users to easily share their location via email, text messaging, or social networking sites. The app utilizes Google Maps to determine the user's location using coordinates. It emphasizes the importance of being outside and in sunny weather for the best localization. The text also mentions different formats in which latitude and longitude are displayed, including decimal format and sexgesimal, decimal minutes, decimal degrees, and Universal Transverse Mercator. The app does not require an internet data connection. Various features of the app are listed, such as taking photos from the current geographical position and sharing them, adjusting photo overlay settings, copying data to clipboard, exporting and importing data, exporting data to popular formats, sending a text message with the current location, saving and browsing current locations, checking the current location on Google Maps, and sharing or viewing saved locations on Google Maps. The text includes a disclaimer that the accuracy of the app depends on the quality of the GPS hardware in the user's device and the weather conditions outside.

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