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Gaia GPS: Mobile Trail Maps

Gaia GPS is a backcountry navigation app that offers GPS navigation tools for hiking, camping, and exploring the wilderness. With easy-to-read Maps , offline capabilities, and features like route planning and distance tracking, Gaia GPS helps outdoor enthusiasts make the most of their adventures. The app provides access to professional topographic maps, including those from Nat Geo Trails Illustrated and USFS, as well as high-resolution satellite imagery. Users can mark campgrounds, points of interest, and waypoints with GPS coordinates and even drop photo waypoints. The app also serves as a complete trip planner, offering road trip planning, weather predictions, and the ability to monitor wildfire activity. For campers, Gaia GPS includes information on campgrounds and camping sites, with public and private land boundaries and USFS maps. The app also caters to overlanding enthusiasts, providing tools for planning, navigating, and recording 4x4 and overlanding adventures. For skiers, Gaia GPS offers avalanche forecasts, terrain information, ski track recording, and SNOTEL data. The app is also widely used by outdoor professionals, allowing them to create routes, mark hiking trails, and share maps, tracks, and waypoints with their team or clients. Gaia GPS offers both free and subscription-based options, with the premium subscription providing access to expert-guided navigation, adventure films, and premium content from Outside Online, among other features. Overall, Gaia GPS is a comprehensive outdoor activity app that helps users explore, navigate, and enjoy the great outdoors.

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