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Scout Maps & Safer Navigation

Scout is a versatile app that serves as a copilot and personal driver's assistant. With Scout, users can navigate faster, easier, and safer. One major benefit is the ability to learn about driving habits and understand behavior behind the wheel, such as speeding, hard braking, and accelerating. The app also offers turn-by-turn GPS voice directions to help users keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Additionally, Scout helps users explore their surroundings by discovering places to dine, shop, get gas, and more. It also allows users to easily share their estimated time of arrival with friends and family. Real-time traffic and live speed updates help users find the best route to avoid traffic congestion. The app also allows users to save customized route preferences and schedule personalized commute departure alerts. Users can find amenities such as gas stations, restaurants, and cafes along their route. Scout is powered by OpenStreetMap for up-to-date map information. The app can also be used for navigating on foot. Users are encouraged to provide feedback to the Scout team. However, it's important to note that the app's map and search coverage is limited to the USA. It's also advised that using the GPS feature in the background may lead to decreased battery life.

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